For Immediate Release: April 12, 2018
Contact: Frances Leach, Executive Director, 

UFA Announces Officer and Executive Committee Changes 

United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) announces the transition in its leadership effective April 15, with the election of Matt Alward succeeding Jerry McCune as president, Bob Kehoe replacing Alward as vice president, and new executive committee members Rebecca Skinner and Sue Doherty. 

Jerry McCune has served most recently as UFA president since 2014, as well as from 1992 to 1996, and has served as a paid or volunteer lobbyist for UFA throughout the past two decades. He was named to the UFA Alaska Seafood Industry Hall of Fame among the initial inductees in 2009, and will continue to serve on the UFA executive committee. Matt Alward represents North Pacific Fisheries Association on the UFA board and has served as vice president since 2015. 

“I greatly appreciate the decades of service and leadership Jerry has given to the commercial fishing industry and the ways in which he has mentored me and so many other Alaskan fishermen,” said new UFA president Alward. “It has been an honor to work alongside him and the UFA board to serve and advocate for the industry. I look forward to building a bright future for UFA and all Alaska fishermen. If we work together we can improve the unity of all sectors and regions of our industry and bring a stronger voice to the state, nation, and the world.” 

McCune thanked Alward for his initiative and involvement. “I and the board appreciate that Matt has stepped forward as an active vice president and worked closely with me to be prepared for leading UFA. Matt and I have been working very closely in his two years as vice president and I look forward to helping him as he leads the organization into the future. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve fishermen, and I appreciate the support from the board and members for the organization.” 

Bob Kehoe of the Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association will serve as UFA vice president, after two years as Admin committee co-chair. New UFA executive committee members include Rebecca Skinner as Subsistence Committee chair and Sue Doherty as PR & Membership chair. Skinner represents UFA member group Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association and was recently selected as a member of the Kodiak region federal subsistence regional advisory council. New PR & membership chair Doherty represents the Southeast Alaska Seiners Association on the UFA board. 

UFA officer and executive committee elections took place at its spring meeting in February and take effect on April 15. The full UFA Executive committee and their member group affiliations are as follows: 

President- Matt Alward (North Pacific Fisheries Association)
Vice President – Bob Kehoe (Purse Seine Vessel Owners Assn.)
Secretary/Treasurer – Chad See (Freezer Longline Coalition)
Immediate Past President – Jerry McCune (Cordova District Fishermen United)
Admin – Zach Hill (At-Large delegate)
Enhancement – Gary Fandrei (Cook Inlet Aquaculture Assn.)
Environmental – Vacant
Marketing – Bruce Schactler (At-Large delegate)
National – Stephanie Madsen (At-sea Processors Assn.)
PR & Membership – Sue Doherty (Southeast Alaska Seiners)
Statewide – Megan O’Neil (Petersburg Vessel Owners Assn.)
Subsistence – Rebecca Skinner (Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Assn.) 

United Fishermen of Alaska is the statewide commercial fishing trade association, representing 35 Alaska commercial fishing organizations participating in fisheries throughout the state and adjacent offshore federal waters. More information is online at .