Press Release: UFA Statement on the passing of Senator Ted Stevens (August 16, 2010)

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The United Fisherman of Alaska (UFA) extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Senator Ted Stevens. Alaska’s seafood industry lost a great champion. Senator Stevens was a warrior for Alaska’s commercial fishermen. He threw out the foreign fleets; stopped high seas pirates from drift netting; increased spending for marketing Alaska’s seafood; and created a capital construction fund for fishermen.

Over his long and distinguished career, he authored the laws that established the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone which led to Americanization of the fishing fleet off Alaska and shaped the way the nation’s federal fisheries are managed today. He understood the importance of funding fisheries research and stayed true to his principles of putting the resource first – followed by what was good for Alaskans. Senator Stevens’ vision for Alaska’s coast was strong sustainable fisheries and vibrant coastal communities.

“His attention to international issues led to the successful ban on use of large scale high
seas driftnets. He raised the issue of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fisheries to
national and international attention, leading to an entire new section in the Magnuson-
Stevens Act in 2006 and a United Nations treaty that bans port entry to vessels used in
illegal fishing. His work to secure sustainable fisheries will bring benefits for future
generations beyond Alaska and the United States,” said UFA President Arni Thomson.

Senator Stevens received the Lifetime Achievement Award from UFA in 2009. The
United Fisherman of Alaska bids a sorrowful farewell to a great man whose legacy lives