UFA Update: August 20, 2019

Yesterday, Governor Dunleavy signed into law HB 2001 with approximately $222 million dollars in cuts (down from the $423.7 million cuts in June) and approving a $1,600 PFD with a call for a third special session fall 2019 to address allocating the remainder the PFD. 

The Governor vetoed almost all the Fish and Game amendments offered by the House.  He vetoed all the Commercial Fishery amendments; however, he did not veto the amendments to add back in $1 Million of Pittman-Robertson funds for Wildlife Conservation and $175K for Sportfish Logbook Program.

Here is a breakdown of the vetoes that pertain to commercial fisheries:

  • 50% reduction of general fund funds used for travel in all divisions of ADF&G & ASMI
  • $997K less for Commercial fisheries management of which $280K was for Special Areas Management (one time fund source for surveys and assessments).
  • The transfer of two director level positions and associated funding from the Division of Habitat and Division of Subsistence (the duties will no longer relate to ADF&G)
  • Ocean Ranger Program – ($3,426,000). The veto will not affect the remainder of this summer’s cruise ship season (May-Sept 2019) as these operations were funded by previously collected FV2019 Ocean Ranger fees collected from cruise ship passengers.  The Governor stated in his documents that DEC is actively exploring potential administrative and statutory options aimed at improving the State’s current cruise ship monitoring policies.

Rep. Dan Ortiz summed it up: “What you’re doing is your potentially reducing the opportunity for our commercial fisherman,” Ortiz said, adding that the fishing industry is the number one economic driver for coastal Alaska.”
The vetoed items summary may be found on the OMB Website.

By now, you should have received your letters/applications. Deadline to return applications will be October 31, 2019.  For more information, please visit the website: FAQ’s 2016 Gulf of Alaska Pink Salmon Fishery Disaster Relief

Quick Summary:

  • The $ amount that is listed is for the captain and crew; the crew names, addresses and % amounts are to be filled out by the skipper. The estimated $ amount is for all.
  • The $ amount is calculated on your average ex-vessel value in the years 2006, 8, 10, 12, and 14 for the area that you fished in 2016; compared to your value in 2016. If you only fished a few of those years, they will use only the years you fished for the average. If you fished a new area that qualified for funding in 2016 and had never fished it before, they will use the fleet average for that area compared to your actual in 2016.
  • You have to have landed 1,000 lbs. in SE, PWS, Kodiak, SA Peninsula, and Chignik in 2016 to qualify.
  • You have to have had at least one landing in Yakutat and Lower Cook Inlet to qualify.
  • There will be an appeals process after this first step if your situation merits special consideration, or re-evaluation.
  • The funds need to be used in 4 years; unclaimed funds will most likely go to research projects.

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