UFA Legislative Update: January 25, 2019

Dear UFA Members and Friends,

There still hasn’t been much movement at the legislature.  The House is still unorganized therefore they are not holding committee meetings.  To date, the only bill that relates to commercial fisheries is SB 22, as mentioned last week. 

Other News:

  • Sam Rabung was named Director of Commercial Fisheries.  Here is ADF&G Press Announcement.
  • The Governor’s budget is set to be released on February 14, at which point we can share budget related news.
  • For those of you wondering about vessels whose owners have applied for but have not received renewed Certificate of Documentation due to the federal government shutdown, here is some good news!  As long as the renewal has been applied for you are o.k. to operate your vessel with an expired vessel documentation. Here is the USCG Press Release with more information.

-Frances Leach, Executive Director

1. Legislation – happenings from this week…
2. Legislative meetings of interest for next week
3. To testify, watch or listen in to a hearing
4. Bills related to fisheries, and others that may be of interest to fishermen

1. Legislation – happenings from this week on fishery related bills we are tracking.

SB. 22 – Shellfish Enhance. Projects; Hatcheries- “An Act relating to management of enhanced stocks of shellfish; authorizing certain nonprofit organizations to engage in shellfish enhancement projects; relating to application fees for salmon hatchery permits; and providing for an effective date” a bill introduced by Senator Stevens on January 16.  Bill was referred to Resource and Finance Committees.  The first hearing has been scheduled for a meeting in Senate Resources ~ Jan 30 2019 3:30pm.

2. Legislative meetings of interest for this weekend and the week of February 28.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

3:30 P.M. Senate Finance Committee – Butrovich 205- **PUBLIC TESTIMONY**
SB. 22 – Shellfish Enhance. Projects; Hatcheries (Stevens)
Meeting link

3. To testify, watch or listen in to a hearing …To testify it’s best to go to a Legislative Information office – see them online at http://akleg.gov/lios.php . If you can’t get to an LIO you can call in to listen in or testify through the following numbers – call & ask for the specific committee hearing:

  • From Anchorage based phones call 907-563-9085;
  • From Juneau based phones or outside Alaska call 907-586-9085;
  • From other areas of Alaska, call toll-free 844-586-9085…and ask for the specific hearing.

To watch hearings online go to legislative home page at http://w3.akleg.gov/  at the time of the hearing, and click on the “Live Now” tab, and then select the meeting.

To watch floor sessions and other hearings see Gavel to Gavel archives.

To find your legislators and contact info see http://w3.legis.state.ak.us/  – see “WHO REPRESENTS ME?” in the lower right corner of the page.

4. Bills related to fisheries, and others that may be of interest to fishermen.

SB. 22  – Shellfish Enhance. Projects; Hatcheries (Stevens- Senate Finance- UFA Supports)

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