UFA Legislative Update: April 8, 2016

For the remainder of the regularly scheduled session through Sunday April 17.

From UFA President Jerry McCune:

The legislature is now on 24 hour notice. Legislative committees can take up a bill with 24 hr notice, and can add any bill that has already had a hearing in the committee to a meeting without notice, under “bills previously heard”.

The House and Senate Conference committee has begun organizational meetings today for reconciliation between House and Senate versions of HB 256 operating budget bills.
The conference committee includes Senators Kelly (Chair), Mackinnon, and Hoffman and House Representatives Neuman (Chair), Thompson, and Gara.

As of Friday April 8 at 4:00 pm, the only fishery related bill with a scheduled hearing is:
CSHB 286(RES) – Fish and Game Violations – House Judiciary Committee – April 09 1:00 PM

We expect a new version of HB 112 related to the CFEC to be heard in House Resources on Wednesday April 6 (1 pm).
The bill’s sponsor Representative Stutes may introduce a new amended version for consideration – check the documents tab for any new amendments that may be posted.

Board of Fisheries candidates Ruffner, Cain and Payton will be considered on Tuesday Apr 12 at 9:00 AM in Senate State Affairs committee.
The Joint Confirmation hearing –including  Board of Fisheries appointees and Fishermen’s Fund Advisory Committee (Alward) – is scheduled for 11:00 A.Mon Friday, April 15.

At this time the best way to see if any hearings are scheduled or changes have occurred is to check the link for the bill, check the dates under the actions tab, and check the bill text tab for any changes to the bill that have been adopted in the committee.  In some cases there will be amendments that are under consideration and summaries of changes under the documents tab.

Fisheries Bills – link & topic:            


HB 241 Nonresident Surcharge Commercial Fishing

HB 249  Motor Fuel Tax

HB 250 Personal income taxes (Governor’s)
SB 134 Personal income taxes (Governor’s) Senate Companion Bill
UFA has written both committees that the sections treating fishermen and crew as employer / employee and requiring withholding on crew wages are unworkable. HB 250 has been heard in House Finance so it could be brought up at any of their meetings under bills previously heard. 
HB 365 Income tax alt. (Seaton)

HB 251 Fisheries tax bill (Governor’s) – currently in House Finance, where it has not yet been heard, so this would need to be scheduled with 24 hour notice.
The current version is with an amendment to allocate half of the 1% fisheries tax increase to fund ASMI. 
SB 135 Fisheries tax bill (Governor’s) Companion bill (has not yet been heard.

SB 198 Fisheries tax bill (Dunleavy 12.5%)

HB 366 Community Permit Bank

CSHB 286(RES) – Fish and Game Violations (Governor’s)
SB 164 Fish and Game violations (Governor’s)

SB 172 Fish/Shellfish Hatchery/Enhance. Projects
HB 300 Fish/Shellfish Hatchery/Enhance. Projects  Companion bill

HB 220  Fisheries enhancement permit

SB 163 – Outstanding National Resource Waters
HB 283 – Outstanding National Resource Waters –
The scheduled House resources meeting for Saturday April 9 has been cancelled and these bills are not expected to move this session.

Looking for Legislative contact lists, staff lists, etc – take a look at  the publications tab at http://akleg.gov/publications.php
AK legislature home page: www.akleg.gov .
Inclusion of an item does not mean that UFA endorses or agrees.

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