UFA ACTION ALERT: First Hearing Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 10)

Senate Resources committee will take public testimony on Board of Fisheries appointees tomorrow.

UFA opposes Karl Johnstone and we urge you to help by calling in to the committee – and getting others to as well.

There will be plenty of people calling in to support Karl Johnstone – we need your help to ensure there are opposing callers!

Wednesday April 10 – 3:30 PM  – Room 205

Key points:
-Oppose confirmation of Karl Johnstone to the Board of Fisheries
-Mr. Johnstone was blatantly discriminatory against commercial fisheries and the ADFG Comfish division in his previous time on the Board.
-Confirmation of Johnstone would leave the Board of Fisheries seriously “out of balance” with respect to commercial fisheries representation.

To testify  – if you are not in Juneau  it is best to go to a Legislative Information Office (LIO) at least a half hour before the hearing begins.
If you are unable to get to an LIO, CALL THE LIO NEAREST YOU BEFORE 3:00 p.m to get the Off-Net call in number  – See the list of Southeast LIOs below. 
If you are outside of Southeast – see the full list of LIOs at https://akleg.gov/lios.php .

Prepared by UFA staff and made possible by the support of UFA Group, Business, Individual and Crew members.
To join UFA see https://www.ufafish.org/become-a-member/.