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To promote and protect the common interest of Alaska’s commercial fishing industry, as a vital component of Alaska’s social and economic well-being.

UFA 2024 Board Meeting

Dates: October  23-25, 2024

Wednesday, October 23rd (beginning at noon) – Friday, October 25th (ending at noon)

Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Hybrid Capability
50th Anniversary celebration event to be held the evening of the 25th at Hotel Captain Cook – more details to come.

For those UFA members who plan to attend virtually, please email director@ufa-fish.org in advance of the meeting and login information will be provided.

*** USDA Notice ***

Several fishermen have recently reported receiving letters and an invoice from the USDA, requesting repayment of the funds that they received as part of the Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP) back in 2020. UFA and several member groups have reached out to the USDA and have received the response that I have pasted below. If you are one of the reportedly 209 individuals that this impacts, make sure that you follow the directions as outlined in the message and send in your response. If you have further questions, please reach out to the USDA contact listed below. Read More…


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