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Recent News

UFA ACTION ALERT: First Hearing Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 10)

    Senate Resources committee will take public testimony on Board of Fisheries appointees tomorrow.

    UFA opposes Karl Johnstone and we urge you to help by calling in to the committee – and getting others to as well.

    There will be plenty of people calling in to support Karl Johnstone – we need your help to ensure there are opposing callers!

    Wednesday April 10 – 3:30 PM  – Room 205

    Key points:
    -Oppose confirmation of Karl Johnstone to the Board of Fisheries
    -Mr. Johnstone was blatantly discriminatory against commercial fisheries and the ADFG Comfish division in his previous time on the Board.
    -Confirmation of Johnstone would leave the Board of Fisheries seriously “out of balance” with respect to commercial fisheries representation.

    To testify  – if you are not in Juneau  it is best to go to a Legislative Information Office (LIO) at least a half hour before the hearing begins.
    If you are unable to get to an LIO, CALL THE LIO NEAREST YOU BEFORE 3:00 p.m to get the Off-Net call in number  – See the list of Southeast LIOs below. 
    If you are outside of Southeast – see the full list of LIOs at https://akleg.gov/lios.php .

    Prepared by UFA staff and made possible by the support of UFA Group, Business, Individual and Crew members.
    To join UFA see http://www.ufafish.org/become-a-member/.

    UFA Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP): Alaska’s Senator Murkowski needs to hear from Alaska’s fishermen

      The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is getting ready to rubber stamp the Pebble Mine’s federal permit despite continued opposition from commercial fishermen, seafood processors, Bristol Bay Native Tribes, and businesses around the country. 

      As of this Friday, April 5th, the Army Corps is 55 days into a 90-day public comment period for Pebble’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – the foundation for the entire federal permitting process.  The Army Corps’ Draft EIS is fundamentally flawed, misses important baseline data and details about Pebble’s mine plan, fails to address a large-scale tailings dam failure, and downplays the risk to Bristol Bay’s commercial salmon fishery, including damage to the public’s perception of Bristol Bay Sockeye and the Alaska Seafood brand as a whole. 

      UFA ACTION ALERT: Oppose Karl Johnstone, BOF Appointee

        Former BOF chair Karl Johnstone has been appointed by Governor Dunleavy to fill a Board of Fisheries seat and his confirmation hearing will likely be as soon as next week.  Last week, UFA voted to oppose his confirmation. 

        It is going to take full action from our fleet to help get the word out that Mr. Johnstone is not the right fit for the board.  We need you to act by contacting legislators and telling them you oppose Johnstone and why.

        There are three ways to do this!

        Submit Comments: 
        You may submit comments easily on the Alaska State Public Opinion Message.  This online message form is for residents of Alaska only.  If members are not a resident of Alaska, they will need to email legislators directly.  Contact UFA for a full email list of legislators at ufa@ufa-fish.org.

        Public Testimony will be taken on both Wednesday, April 10 in Senate Resources and Saturday April 13 in House Resources.  To testify it’s best to go to a Legislative Information office – see them online at http://akleg.gov/lios.php . If you can’t get to an LIO you can call in to listen in or testify through the following numbers – call & ask for the specific committee hearing:

        • From Anchorage based phones call 907-563-9085;
        • From Juneau based phones or outside Alaska call 907-586-9085;
        • From other areas of Alaska, call toll-free 844-586-9085…and ask for the specific hearing.

        Share on Social Media:
        If you use social media, please create posts encouraging people to testify and write letters of opposition. 

        Here are some articles about Johnstone and opinion pieces written by Johnstone:

        Johnstone Resigns- Peninsula Clarion

        State Paid Travel Bills Board Chairman- Alaska Journal

        Johnstone Opinion Piece- Alaska Needs to Update Fisheries Management

        Opinion: Actual Verses Faction New Realities Cook Inlet Salmon- Alaska Journal

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        Johnstone Opinion Piece- Anchorage Needs Representation Fish Board

        Upper Cook Inlet Fishermen Take Issue with Dunleavy Board of Fisheries Appointee

        Prepared by UFA staff and made possible by the support of UFA Group, Business, Individual and Crew members.
        To join UFA see http://www.ufafish.org/become-a-member/.