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UFA Legislative Update – April 6, 2018

Dear UFA Members and Friends, The pace is picking up and bills and budgets have been moving in the Alaska Legislature. The House passed the HB 286 Operating budget on Monday 4/2 and Senate finance subcommittees have closed out their departments. Senate Finance committee took public testimony from different regions this morning and this afternoon and will continue to hear budget amendments throughout the coming week. The joint House and Senate confirmation hearing for governor’s appointees is scheduled for Tuesday April 10 at 11:00 A.M. HB 199 Salmon habitat permitting bill has a major new version with the removal of the automatic anadromous classification and other changes. We look forward to public testimony scheduled for tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday in House Fisheries. More details are below and we thank you for your support. Please support our...
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UFA Legislative Update: March 30, 2018

Dear UFA Members and Friends, Where many bills have been moving out of committee this week, UFA’s main focus has been on the BOF appointee. We appreciate the support of members who responded to our action alert for the legislative confirmation of Duncan Fields to the Board of Fisheries. The Governor removed Field’s name as BOF appointee and re-appointed Al Cain. Here is the Governor’s press release: . UFA will be writing a letter of endorsement for Al Cain slated to go out early next week. Mr. Cain has proven himself to be an unbiased member of the BOF, which is a win for all user groups in Alaska. The manner in which Field’s name was removed and Cain’s inserted has left many user groups scratching their heads. Early this week, UFA wrote a letter to the Governor, ADF&G Commissioner Cotten, and all legislators requesting a fair shot for appointee...
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UFA Legislative Update: March 23, 2018

Dear UFA Members and Friends, Opponents have arisen to the Governor’s appointment of Duncan Fields to the Alaska Board of Fisheries. We have sent an action alert and we urge you to send letters of support for his confirmation to your legislator. Confirmation interviews for Fields are expected to be scheduled in House and Senate committees during the week of April 2. The joint session for confirmations has not been scheduled. To find your legislators and contact info see - see “WHO REPRESENTS ME?” in the lower right corner of the page. This week the House spent most of its time in floor sessions debating amendments to the operating budget HB 286. With over 200 amendments, most House committee hearings that were scheduled were cancelled, so much of what we showed as scheduled for this week is still on the plate for next week. Highlights this coming week include Senate Resources...
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UFA Legislative Update: March 16, 2018

Dear UFA Members and Friends, I just returned from the Alaska Board of Fisheries Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, & Miscellaneous Shellfish meeting. It was a productive meeting and it was nice to meet with current members as well as have the opportunity to talk to potential members about UFA. The legislature has been moving along slowly but surely, and a few bills passed out of committee.
  • HB 87: Board of Fisheries and Board of Game Conflict of Interest passed out of the House and is now in Senate State Affairs. UFA supports this bill which would allow board members to participate in deliberations but not vote on proposals for which they have conflicts.
  • HB 354: Dive Fishery Management, which UFA supports, moved out of House Fisheries and is now in House Resources.
  • HB 379: Fishermen’s Fund Reimbursement was passed out of House Fisheries and is now in House...
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UFA Legislative Update: March 9, 2018

Dear UFA members and friends, The UFA Board held our annual Spring meeting last week in Juneau and staff has been busy carrying out the actions of the Board. We have posted Resolution 2018-1 A Resolution in Support of Sea Otter Management on our website and submitted Comments on Department of the Interior 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas 5 year Plan to the docket. Letters on bills and confirmation of appointments have been sent as these have come up in the Legislature and are noted below. Legislative Finance subcommittees committees in the House have closed out and budgets are being heard in the full finance committee, while Senate finance subcommittees are continuing their work. Some work in the legislature has been delayed for health priorities …We wish a restful recovery for Rep. Guttenberg, and other members who have been suffering the flu or shoveling injuries. UFA Executive Director...
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