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UFA Legislative Update: June 6, 2016

Fish taxes HB 4006 on House floor – today. Contents:
  1. Short Version: let your House representatives know how you feel about increased fishery taxes
  2. Special Session Summary – Fish Taxes
  3. Income Tax – Fishing crew withholding and employer/employees removed
  4. Operating Budget
  5. Fish-related bill that passed
  6. Bills that did not pass
  7. Appointment Confirmations
  1. Short version: Contact your legislators: Let your House Representative know how you feel about increased fishery taxes, as HB 4006 is headed for House floor vote, in second reading, with possible amendments, and may or may not come to a vote - today beginning at 1:00 PM.
Gavel to gavel coverage should be available…
  1. Special Session Summary – Fish Taxes:
Governor Walker called the legislature back for a special session of up to 30 days beginning on May 23, immediately after the end of the...
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UFA Update: April 28, 2016

Support UFA Business members on our website HERE. Thanks to Reecia Wilson and the crew at the Twisted Fish and Hangar on the Wharf restaurants for their generous contribution to the Juneau annual Blessing of the Fleet - Saturday April 7 at the Alaska Fishermen’s Memorial, 155 S. Seward in Juneau. This year the annual Juneau Maritime Festival takes place on the same day… looking forward. & Check out Trident Seafoods new website… UFA News releases: UFA announces Executive Committee & Committee chairs - effective April 15 Press Release: UFA Endorses Senator Lisa Murkowski (March 30)  UFA Fish Calendar: http://www.ufafish.org/calendar/ Help support UFA today! Visit 'Become a Member' on our website to see the various membership levels and benefits. Brief Legislative Report: 
  • We have not seen any action on commercial fisheries related bills we have been tracking since Friday’s April 22 Legislative Update.
  • Early this week the House rejected concurrence of Senate changes to HB137 that would increase sport fishing license fees, and a conference...
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UFA Legislative Update: April 22, 2016

From UFA President Jerry McCune: The Alaska legislature has been focused on broader issues this week, with little or no movement on fisheries legislation we have been tracking. It is not clear how long they will continue to meet in the extended session. What has happened and current status: 1. Fishing industry taxes: House Finance Committee heard public testimony last Friday evening (4/15) on CSHB249  which combines HB251 Fisheries TaxesHB  253 mining taxes, and HB 249 Motor Fuel Tax, as well as income tax bill HB 250 . Thanks to the many fishermen and families that called in to testify. Related news coverage: Package of tax hikes on fishing, mining and fuel stalls By: DJ Summers, Alaska Journal of Commerce, Wed, 04/20/2016 http://www.alaskajournal.com/2016-04-20/package-tax-hikes-fishing-mining-and-fuel-stalls The House Finance committee had scheduled these for Saturday 4/16 but those hearings were cancelled and they have not scheduled them since, focusing instead on new legislation 
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UFA Legislative Update: April 15, 2016

From UFA President Jerry McCune: Wheels that were spinning have gotten some traction in the last few days. We expect lots of late night action here as the legislature enters the final weekend of the regularly scheduled session… Tune in or call in to House Finance Committee meeting this evening at 7:00 PM for public comment on HB249 (Fisheries Taxes) and HB 250 (Income Tax): HEARING: (H) FIN Apr 15 7:00 PM HOUSE FINANCE 519 -- Public Testimony Limited to 2 min. each -- - The toll free call in number is 844-586-9085  - call when the meeting begins at 7 pm – See Industry Taxes and Income Taxes below… Finance committee is expected to continue through the weekend – check the links on the bills below for new hearings scheduled. Industry taxes: House Finance Committee is addressing taxes for fisheries and mining industries and the motor fuel tax together in an omnibus bill under CS HB...
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