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Check out what other fishermen say about Alaska salmon habitat!


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UFA Legislative Update: March 16, 2018

Dear UFA Members and Friends, I just returned from the Alaska Board of Fisheries Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, & Miscellaneous Shellfish meeting. It was a productive meeting and it was nice to meet with current members as well as have the opportunity to talk to potential members about UFA. The legislature has been moving along slowly but surely, and a few bills passed out of committee.
  • HB 87: Board of Fisheries and Board of Game Conflict of Interest passed out of the House and is now in Senate State Affairs. UFA supports this bill which would allow board members to participate in deliberations but not vote on proposals for which they have conflicts.
  • HB 354: Dive Fishery Management, which UFA supports, moved out of House Fisheries and is now in House Resources.
  • HB 379: Fishermen’s Fund Reimbursement was passed out of House Fisheries and is now in House...
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UFA Legislative Update: March 9, 2018

Dear UFA members and friends, The UFA Board held our annual Spring meeting last week in Juneau and staff has been busy carrying out the actions of the Board. We have posted Resolution 2018-1 A Resolution in Support of Sea Otter Management on our website and submitted Comments on Department of the Interior 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas 5 year Plan to the regulations.gov docket. Letters on bills and confirmation of appointments have been sent as these have come up in the Legislature and are noted below. Legislative Finance subcommittees committees in the House have closed out and budgets are being heard in the full finance committee, while Senate finance subcommittees are continuing their work. Some work in the legislature has been delayed for health priorities …We wish a restful recovery for Rep. Guttenberg, and other members who have been suffering the flu or shoveling injuries. UFA Executive Director...
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Join us Thursday: Salmon Habitat Panel in Juneau

Enjoy salmon tacos from Juneau's Taqueria while visiting scientists explain how salmon habitat in Alaska is identified and what that means for public policy. On Thursday March 1st from 12:00pm - 1:00pm at the Alaska Education Association's Conference Room (201 Main St, Juneau, AK), UFA's Salmon Habitat Information Program is sponsoring a panel of experts  called "Defining Salmon Habitat in Alaska: Current Practices and Emerging Technologies." Topics to be discussed include:

  • How salmon streams are defined & why that matters for protection and policy.
  • Emerging technologies in modeling.
  • What is eDNA and how it could improve defining salmon habitat.
Experts from ADF&G Habitat Division, USDA Forest Service and the University of Washington will be presenting and taking audience questions on these important topics....
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UFA Legislative Update: February 17, 2018

Dear UFA members and friends, This week the Senate Finance committee Fish and Game budget subcommittee started with an overview, while the House F&G subcommittee entertained amendments and will be closing out this coming week, as are most of the other House finance subcommittees. Senate State Affairs will hear and take public testimony Tuesday 2/20 at 3:30 pm on CSHB 87 regarding Board of Fisheries and Game Conflict of Interest, and conflict and ethics for other bodies. Letters of support from UFA and many member groups are under the documents tab. House Fisheries special committee will hear HB 231 regarding the CFEC on Thursday at 10:00 AM, we expect a committee substitute. Warmest welcome to Senator Lisa Murkowski – she will address a joint session of the Legislature on Thursday 2/22 at 11:00 A.M. The UFA Annual Spring meeting will be held
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UFA Legislative Update: February 10, 2018

Dear UFA members and friends,  It has been another busy week at UFA.  We are monitoring several bills closely and Jerry and I have been meeting with legislators and their staff to address questions and concerns.  We have been closely watching SB 135 the Cook Inlet Permit Buyback Bill and waiting for a new committee substitute (CS) that we are encouraged to hear is forthcoming. Also on our radar is HB 188 the Regional Fisheries Trusts Bill which has gone through a few revisions and we have been told another CS is coming. SB 92 Vessel Registration, Titles, and Derelicts has us on alert and Jerry and I will be meeting early next week with Senator Micciche’s staff to get more information to address our concerns. Lastly, HB 199 Habitat Protection, is still moving along.  The committee received an overview of current permitting systems by DEC and F&G. We...
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