UFA Covid-19 Resource Guide

The commercial fishing industry is working around the clock with community leaders, state officials and healthcare professionals to set safety plans for the upcoming fishing season. Commercial fishermen take their role as food providers within Alaska’s mandated critical infrastructure very seriously. We are dedicated to safe, responsible seafood businesses, fishing communities and the essential workforce keeping our food system intact. We will share more information as it develops and wish you the best as you prepare for the coming season.

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State of Alaska Outbreak Health Order 5: Critical Infrastructure

January 14, 2021

Expiration: Until Rescinded 

Order No. 5, Critical Infrastructure, provides clear guidance for Critical Infrastructure businesses operating in the State of Alaska. Appendices with specific guidance for the following industries: commercial fishing, independent harvesters, and seafood processing plants.

Read Health Order 05
Read Appendix 01 Seafood Processing Workers
Read Appendix 02 Independent Commercial Fishing Vessels
Read Appendix 03 Independent Commercial Harvesters
Read Appendix 04 Acknowledgement Form

Outbreak Health Order 8: Intrastate Travel

Posted: January 14, 2021
Expiration: Until Rescinded 

Order No. 8, Intrastate Travel, provides clear guidance and requirements for travel between communities located off the Road System or the Alaska Marine Highway System.

Read Health Order 8

Outbreak Health Order 6: International and Interstate Travel

Posted: January 14, 2021
Expiration: Until Rescinded 

Order No. 6, International & Interstate Travel, provides clear requirements to travelers entering Alaska from outside Alaska.

Read Health Order 6


Updated: February 11, 2021

Note: These are draft guidelines developed in conjunction with industry stakeholders in order to assist companies in developing their own internal procedures.
It is not intended as a standard of care or as an industry standard.

COVID-19 Assessment of Symptomatic Crew Flowchart
COVID19 Assessment of Symptomatic Crew Flowchart v1.8 (April 20, 2020)


Updated: April 29, 2020

CARES Act - The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Applications are not available at this time.

$300 million was allotted from The Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) for fisheries and aquaculture. Out of this $300 million, $50 million was identified for Alaska fisheries.

United Fishermen of Alaska has been engaging in conversations with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, NOAA, Governor Dunleavy and Congressional leaders regarding allocation of the $50 million. 

For additional NOAA Fisheries CARES Act / Coronavirus information:
Alaska Department of Fish and Game CARES Act Relief for Fisheries Participants Final Draft Spend Plan

Commerce Secretary Announces Allocation of $300 Million in CARES Act Funding
NOAA Fisheries Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

First time and second draw paycheck protection program loans available soon.

On December 27, 2020, Congress enacted the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Venues Act (Economic Aid Act).  The Economic Aid Act reauthorizes the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and appropriated over $284 billion in funds for the PPP.  Funds will be available for first time borrowers and for second draw PPP loans for some borrowers with existing PPP loans.  The loan application period will expire March 31, 2021 or earlier if funding runs out.  There are some changes to the PPP loans, including more flexibility for expense categories, more flexibility for seasonal businesses, and simplified loan forgiveness provisions.


Updated: February 11, 2021