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UFA wants fishermen like you to connect with the habitat that sustains our salmon fisheries! Opt in to receive Alaska salmon habitat updates from SHIP and you get 4 chance to win $200 AK Airlines or $100 LFS gift cards. Offer open to Alaska fishermen and ends September 1st. Contact information will be kept confidential.

Read SHIP’s June 2017 report on program progress to date. SHIP_Spring_2017_V9_cover


Text “ufaship” to #313131 to Win Prizes

Fishermen have 4 Ways to Win $200 Alaska Airlines or $100 LFS Gift Cards Dear Fishermen, You have four ways to WIN:

  • $200 Alaska Airlines gift certificate or
  • $100 LFS gift certificate.

Just text “ufaship” to 313131 and we’ll text you right back with instructions how to enter and win. Sweepstakes ends September 1, 2017 and winners will be announced September 2nd!…
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Did you know this was happening with Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay?

The Pebble Mine might be on the fast track. In a major change of course, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Pebble Limited Partnership have made an agreement that reverses the agency’s previous decision to bar a large scale mine in Bristol Bay due to harm to the Bay’s salmon fishery. This agreement requires Pebble to apply for permits within 30 months. Pebble has been promising to apply for permits every year since 2005 when they first came to talk to UFA….
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Last fall, UFA surveyed Alaska fishermen about their opinions on salmon habitat.

Read full survey results

Fishermen took the survey in high numbers

  • Over 500 AK fishermen took the survey
  • This is 2.4% of the Alaska commercial permit holders, and 176% of the number of fishermen who participated in the only other recent direct survey of fishermen
  • 85% of survey takers were from Alaska
  • 44% were under 40 years old. The oldest survey taker was 88

Fishermen say salmon habitat is critical not just for our bottom-line but identity and way of life.  

  • 100% of survey takers care deeply about AK salmon habitat – for jobs, family, & identity
  • Many fishermen are concerned about mining, climate change, & pollution. Lots of other concerns were mentioned too
  • Habitat concerns are more important than price

What fishermen say matters!

  • 79% of fishermen list other fishermen as a top news source

Credible information sources are important

  • Fishermen most trust information about Alaska salmon habitat from ADF&G scientists & local/regional fishing groups

Fishermen speak up for habitat

  • 93% of fishermen have taken action on behalf of salmon habitat
  • Actions taken include talking to other fishermen, donating, signing petitions, & calling / writing decision makers

Download survey results, including:

  • Who is the least trusted person to provide information on salmon habitat?
  • Which social media channels do fishermen prefer?

Click for more:


About SHIP

For Alaskan Commercial Fishermen, UFA’s Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) is a go-to source for information on the health of salmon runs you depend on. By working together, we can become powerful advocates for pro-salmon policies and ensure commercial fishing jobs remain strong for generations.

THANK YOU for Telling Us Your Priorities!

Back in September, UFA closed the Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) survey – and contest to earn airline tickets or fishing gear.

If you took the survey then, THANK YOU! And big thanks to all the gear groups who encouraged their members to weigh in too. The ideas and suggestions that fishermen shared in the survey will be extremely valuable in steering SHIP and UFA in the coming months and years.

Congratulations to These Big Winners!

Over 500 Alaskan fishermen took the survey, and over 400 connected with SHIP on Facebook to keep in touch. These winners were chosen at random:

$500 Alaska Airlines gift certificate
  • Joe Cook, Cordova, AK
$200 LFS gift card
  • Frances Leach, Juneau, AK
UFA Sweatshirts

The rush of insightful comments shared by survey takers was beyond our expectations… so, in thanks, we’re also giving away UFA sweatshirts to these 5 people:

  • Jason Bjornstad, Sand Point, AK
  • Jenna Delumeau, Anchor Point, AK
  • Joe Cisney, Greenbank, WA
  • Teresa Capo, Wasilla, AK
  • Darien Uttrecht, King Cove, AK

There’s More to Come

If you’d like sneak peaks into what other fishermen say about Alaska salmon habitat, how UFA will use survey results, and all the news about the salmon habitat you use, please keep in touch!

Over the fall, UFA will review survey results, digest the information, present the data to the UFA Board at its upcoming meeting, and form a plan for moving the program forward. Thank you again for helping guide SHIP, and stay tuned for more! sign-up-for-our-newsletter-button

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Contact Us:

Lindsey Bloom Program Manager (907) 723-3662 habitat@ufa.org