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Governor’s Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team posts draft Climate Change Policy

Dear Alaskan, Happy May and best wishes for a safe spring breakup season! Thank you for your interest in this Administration’s climate change initiatives and the work of the Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team (CALT). We are pleased share that the CALT has a draft Alaska Climate Change Policy posted online and is inviting public comment on the document until June 4, 2018. This draft policy is the result of much hard work by the CALT and is responsive to the public input received thus far. We are eager to continue the conversation with Alaskans over the coming months and to hear your ideas on how Alaska’s first climate action plan can strengthen the health, safety, culture, and economy of our communities and our state. Climate Action Leadership Team The CALT held its second in-person meeting at the University of Alaska Fairbanks on April 12.  During the all-day meeting, team members focused on reviewing and...
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SHIP Update – Pebble Scoping Meetings begin next week

Pebble Update: Scoping hearings start next week in Naknek, Kokhanok, Homer, Newhalen and New Stuyahok

Starting April 1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will take 30 days of public comment on the newly filed development plan for Pebble.  The Corps is planning to host meetings in Alaska communities starting April 9 in King Salmon.  Additional meetings are planned for Kokhanok on April 10, Homer on April 11, Iliamna on April 12, Nondalton on April 16, Dillingham on April 17 and Anchorage on April 19.  The Corps said it won't have a public speaking format in Homer, Anchorage and Dillingham.  Written comments will be taken at those meetings – see the links below for complete information or go straight to the
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AK Habitat & Pebble

Recap of "Defining Salmon Habitat in Alaska" Presentation:

Earlier this month UFA SHIP hosted a meeting of the minds in Juneau to discuss current practices and emerging technologies for defining salmon habitat in Alaska. Q: Why does habitat need to be defined and why does it matter to fishermen? A: Salmon habitats are the natural environments where they live throughout various life stages.  A species' habitat is those places where it can find food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction.  Land and resource managers need to know where salmon habitat is so that development in those habitats is done with as little disturbance as possible.  Fishermen need to know where salmon habitats are so we can weigh in on decision-making about projects that will impact habitat. Q: So, how is salmon habitat defined in Alaska? A: It is done differently by different agencies.  In a nutshell:

  1. ADF&G: Under state jurisdiction habitat is defined by the Anadromous...
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Join us Thursday: Salmon Habitat Panel in Juneau

Enjoy salmon tacos from Juneau's Taqueria while visiting scientists explain how salmon habitat in Alaska is identified and what that means for public policy. On Thursday March 1st from 12:00pm - 1:00pm at the Alaska Education Association's Conference Room (201 Main St, Juneau, AK), UFA's Salmon Habitat Information Program is sponsoring a panel of experts  called "Defining Salmon Habitat in Alaska: Current Practices and Emerging Technologies." Topics to be discussed include:

  • How salmon streams are defined & why that matters for protection and policy.
  • Emerging technologies in modeling.
  • What is eDNA and how it could improve defining salmon habitat.
Experts from ADF&G Habitat Division, USDA Forest Service and the University of Washington will be presenting and taking audience questions on these important topics....
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Sen. Sullivan and Lt. Gov. Mallott in Ottawa

Transboundary news to share! Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott recently returned from Ottawa, the federal capital of Canada. The two held meetings with Canadian government officials to communicate Alaskans long-standing concerns about mining and other industrial pollution in transboundary rivers that flow across the border between between B.C. and Alaska

Please take a moment and thank Sen. Sullivan and Lt. Gov. Mallott for their leadership and standing with Alaska's commercial fishermen. In their requests to the Canadian government, Sen. Sullivan and Lt. Gov. Mallott are asking for:
  • Alaskans to be part of British Columbia's environmental permitting for development on transboundary rivers
  • Financial security to fishermen in the event of an environmental disaster
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