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Keeping salmon streams clean and clear

This month, the State of Alaska is asking about the best process for keeping salmon streams clean and clear. Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW) designation is the highest water quality protection available under federal law. It prohibits human-caused pollution that would degrade water quality. States are federally-mandated to have a process to consider nominations for ONRW waterbodies. Alaska does not have a process yet. UFA believes the review process for nominations should involve water quality and fisheries experts. Public hearings should be required as well, so commercial fishermen and other stakeholders can weigh in on the decisions about water quality protections....
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Transboundary mining up in House Fisheries Thursday

Commercial fishermen like you can weigh in right now to ensure transboundary river water quality remains high and fisheries support our fleets for generations to come. Large mines at the headwaters of our major transboundary fish rivers can impact essential habitat for Alaska's salmon and other fisheries....
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3 things UFA is doing for salmon habitat

UFA has recently been digesting and incorporating all the excellent ideas you shared in your salmon habitat survey. Thank you for helping UFA understand your concerns and better stand up for our Alaskan salmon industry and resource! Now that the Alaska Legislature is in peak action season, we'll be sending more regular email updates on issues affecting salmon habitat. A whopping 93% of fishermen taking the salmon habitat survey said they take action for habitat by calling decision makers, writing letters, testifying, talking to other fishermen and more. Do you want breaking news texts from SHIP about salmon habitat and ways you can stand up for your resource?...
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